What We Do

JNW Properties is a Marketing & Sales company designed to help support our own multiple ski projects in Niseko, Japan, as well as a Hospitality & Development Advisory Service for landowners who wish to develop.

Our Own Projects consists of:

The team consists of William Louey as our founding member, Nicolas Pulinx and Jo Lodder as founding partners. Nicolas will focus on the development of the projects, whilst Jo focuses on Marketing & Sales.

If you are interested in owning prime real estate in the only branded ski resort in Asia or you already have land and would like advice from an experienced team of developers & marketers, then give us a shout!


Do you have a project you would like to sell? If you do we can help, at JNW we have a dedicated team of in house marketing and sales experts from around the world with all the know-how on how to maximise leads & sales conversion. From events, to social media to operational infrastructure, we have it covered having already succeeded doing this for our own projects

Development Advisory

Do you own land, or would like to build in Japan? At JNW we specialise in assisting in everything from finding the right land, building advice, local laws, to marketing and sales. We will help you manage your development and take it from the blue prints to reality. Maximising your potential by collaborating with local experts and industry professionels like us.

Hospitality & Tourism

Are you a developer or a hotel operator and need help to maximise your returns? Then JNW can help using our own extensive experience of setting up and running successful hotels and restaurants.  We would conduct a feasibility study to bring in the right hotel operator or improve the running of the resort. If in the project planning stage we would then define the right set up from the beginning, the ideal scenario!!