Japanese culture is our inspiration, our driver and our focus. Taking the fundamentals of Japanese architecture, design, gastronomy and societal growth and creating something international.

Travel & Luxury

Travel and luxury refinement are our personal passions. Therefore what better place to start when developing any new projects. The desire to travel but moreover, travel in luxury and discovery a new destination in refinement.

Tradition & Heritage

The tradition and heritage of this ancient nation provide us with the foundations of any new development. Creating something the Japanese will love and attract an international investor.

Our Inspiration


Gastronomy is at the centre of Japanese culture. Through food, we discover the country and their true nationhood. We bring a passion for food and collaborate with what is important to our clients to place our developments at the centre of incredible bars and restaurants. 



Japan is becoming an epicentre of style and modernisation. With Tokyo becoming a hub for fashion, commerce & business. Many other major Japanese cities are following suit, we ensure our developments are placed close enough to the hustle and bustle while still offering solace. 



We understand that sport and recreation are major drivers for why Niseko is becoming such a crucial destination of savvy investors. With Japan becoming one of Asia's most booming real estate markets, what better time is there to find your next property, right next to unbridled Japanese nature. 

Watch our videos

Here you will find an array of videos that may be of interest, from the look and feel of the properties we sell, to what to do in the areas and much, much more - so feel free to take a look.........